Pre-Calculus, Fall 2014

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Class Summary and Handouts

Class 17: Trig Identities II and Graphing Trig I
Today we introduced the graphs of \( \sin(x) \) and \( \cos(x) \). To get a good gut feeling for graph translations for sine and cosine, try playing around with this interactive graphic.

Class 16: Trig Identities - Part I
We introduced most of the important trigonometric formulas. We used the trigonometric identities in two ways: to compute things like sin(pi/12) and to "verify" trigonmetric identities. You can find a handout summarizing our trig formulas here.

Class 3: Function Notation
Today we talked about "function notation" from two perspectives: algebraic and graphical. To get a good gut feeling for the graphical side of things, try playing around with this interactive graphic.

Class 2: Intervals, Inequalities, and Introducing Functions

Class 1: Algebra Review
Today, we reviewed the algebraic tools that we will use the rest of the course. Some particularly important rules were summarized in the Algebra Review Handout

Textbook Information:

Book: Precalculus (UConn edition) by Carl Stitz and Jeffery Zeager
There are three ways to obtain a copy of the textbook

I recommend buying a paper copy. You can take notes, draw sketches, and compare several pages more easily.

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