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A Packed Ramsey's theorem and computability theory
Accepted for publication in the Transactions of the AMS.
Also posted as arXiv:1302.2256 [math.lo]

Reverse mathematics and a Ramsey-type Konig's Lemma
Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 77, Number 4, Dec. 2012.
Also posted as arXiv:1111.2526 [math.lo]

A Turan-type Problem for Circular-arc Graphs
with Rosalie Rosalie Carlson, Kevin O'Neill, and Francis Edward Su.
Posted as arXiv:1110.4205 []

Recent Talks and Seminars

April 2014 - Marshall University Colloquium
March 2014 - Cornell University Logic Seminar
February 2014 - University of Conecticut Logic Semiar
January 2014 - AMS Joint Meeting
October 2013 - New England Recursion and Definability Seminar 4.0
April 2013 - University of Pennsylvania Logic Seminar

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