Linear Algebra

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Resources for Linear Algebra

1.1 - Solving Systems of Equations

1.2 - Reasoning about Systems of Equations

1.3 - Vectors and Vector Equations

1.4 - Matrices and the Matrix Equation

1.5 - Solution Vectors, and Counting the Number of Solutions

1.7 - Linear Independence

Building a Bridge to Engineering

Exam I Review

1.8 & 1.9 - Matrix Functions and Linear Functions

2.1 - Matrix Operations

2.3 - Characterizing Invertible Matrices

Exam II Review

4.1 - Vector Spaces and Subspaces

4.2 - Spaces Defined by Transformations

4.4 - Coordinate Systems

4.5 - Dimension of a Vector Space

Final Exam Review

Textbook Information

You will need both the textbook, and a lot of paper for notes, homework, and scrap paper.

Textbook: Linear Algebra and its Applications by Lay, Lay, and McDonald.
You can buy any edition of the book. The newest edition is available in the bookstore. You can order old editions online at Amazon: 4th Edition, 5th Edition, etc.

Again, I will not need the online access code, and I will not assign problems based on the numbers at the end of the book, so you may buy a (slightly) earlier edition. But I will expect that you are reading along in the book, and using it for extra practice.