Calculus I, Fall 2013

Math 1131, Sections W31 and W32

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Syllabus and Homework

Quizzes and Exams

Selected Class Handouts and Worksheets:

Class 34: Approximating Net Area
There are a couple of different ways to write down sums formulas. This handout summarizes the different ways, and explains when each is the most valuable.

Class 29: Antiderivatives
This handout summarizes a variety of antiderivative formulas that we get for free from our derivative formulas.

Class 28: Optimization Problems
This handout sketches how you can use the basic "principles of problem solving and sketching" when doing optimization problems.

Class 23: Related Rates II
You can find helpful ideas for solving these types of problems in the day's Worksheet and its Solutions.

Class 22: Compound Interest and Related Rates I
An interactive Investments Worksheet. To get a more concrete picture of how compound interest results in exponential growth, try plugging different numbers into the spreadsheet. What happens if you change the Starting Value? What about changing the Interest Rate, or the Period?

Class 14: Trig Derivatives
This fill-in-the-blank handout handout illustrates where the several trigonometric derivatives come from.

Class 6: Limit Laws
This fill-in-the-blank handout handout summarizes the many limit laws.

Review Worksheets: