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Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11:00-12:00. You can also drop in at another time if you have a quick question.

If these times don't work, let me know and we can find a time that does work.

Syllabus and Homework

Quizzes and Exams

Selected Handouts and Worksheets:

Class 22: Exam II Review
To help you practice for the exam, I prepared a Review Worksheet, and Solutions. Please note that you are responsible for all topics covered since Exam I (See the Syllabus). You should study using your notes, the homework, and the extra problems in the book.

Class 20: Antiderivatives
The handout from class

Class 16: Concavity
The handout from class

Class 15: Maxima And Minima
The handout from class

Class 14: Elasticity of Demand
The handout from class

Class 07: The Derivative
Some additional notes on graphing the derivative.
To get a good gut feeling for the derivative, try playing around with this interactive graphic.

Class 6: Rates of Change
To get used to seeing the slope of \(f(x)\) as the limit of the average rate of change of \(f(x)\), try playing around with this interactive graphic

Class 03: Exponential Models

An interactive Investments Worksheet . To get a concrete picture of the type of exponential growth resulting from different interest interest rates, try plugging different numbers into this spreadsheet. What happens if you change the Starting Value? What about changing the Interest Rate, or the Period?
Pay careful attention to how the y-axis labels change.

To get a good gut feeling for the graphs of exponential functions with different bases, try playing around with this interactive graphic

You can also explore general exponential functions using a graphing calculator or computer algebra system and this worksheet. This was created using a free and open source computer algebra system called Sage.

Class 02: Mathematical Models
A handout introducing Mathematical Models and reviewing basic facts about lines and quadratics.

Class 01: Functions
An Algebra Review handout.

General Worksheets:

Important Textbook Information

You will need both the textbook and a WebAssign access key. The University Bookstore sells a bundle that contains both the book and the WebAssign access code. Using a link below, you can also buy the bundle online for a slightly lower price. Books purchased from other sources might not contain an access code, which can be expensive to buy on its own.

The following is from the Storrs Website:

Textbook: Calculus, Applications and Technology (3rd edition) by Edmond C. Tomastik, bundled with WebAssign code.

There are three ways to purchase the text and the WebAssign access code:

  1. Get the text and WebAssign access code bundled together (at a substantial discount) from the publisher's special website.
  2. Get the text and WebAssign access code bundled together at the UConn Co-op.
  3. Get the text separately from anywhere, and buy the WebAssign access code when you access your homework through HuskyCT. Warning: this might cost more than the textbook bundle.

If you purchase a code for WebAssign from WebAssign, then please note that the code will appear to be for a different book (Finite Mathematics and Applied Calculus - 5e by Waner and Costenoble). The reason this discrepancy exists is because the current Tomastik book is not currently available as an e-book but it was necessary to select some book for access code purposes only.

To access a PDF of the Tomastik book, please click on the Resource tab next to the Assignment tab in homepage of your course.