Linear Algebra, Fall 2015

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Math 202, Sections 01 and 02

Office Hours

Room 443, in the DMF Center for Science and Mathematics (near the Rondileau Campus Center). You can also drop in and ask me a question:


Resources for Linear Algebra

Assorted Resources

Videos: Solving Systems of Linear Equations
You can find additional examples of using the row operations to solve systems of linear equations here:

Textbook Information

You will need both the textbook, and a lot of paper for notes, homework, and scrap paper.

Textbook: Linear Algebra and its Applications, 5th edition by Lay, Lay, and McDonald.
You can buy the book in the bookstore, or order it online at or some other seller for a much lower price.

We will not need the online access code, so you may purchase a used book. But make sure you purchase the correct edition. Also be sure to select fast shipping. You will need the book early in the class.