Calculus I

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Resources for Calculus I

Chapter 0. An Applied Review of Precalc

Chapter 1. Limits: Instants and Infinities

Exam I Review

Exam II Review

Chapter 4. Applications of the Derivative

Exam III Review

Chapter 5. Approximating Area, Integrals, and the Most Important Theorem in Calculus

Final Exam Review

Textbook Information

You will need both the textbook, and a lot of paper for notes, homework, and scrap paper.

Textbook: Calculus Early Transcendentals , 3rd edition Rogawski.
In fact, you can use the second edition by Rogawski, or an equivalent book if you have taken a standard mathematics/engineering/physics Calculus course elsewhere. The newest edition is available in the bookstore. Talk to me if you need help obtaining a cheap book of an equivalent quality.